if you want to share pics of your U2, email them to Here’s my U2 before its restoration:


In a while I’ll upload the “after”… 


Finally, it’s finished. The guy who painted it didn’t take any pics during the restoration. Here’s the process of puting together the entire electronics, bridge, tuners and logo (it’s a replica, couldn’t find the original. If you know where I can get it, plz e-mail me!)    














————- @@@@ ————————

Some pics I just took for Facebook.





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13 01 2009

I have a red one that has two coil-tapped pickups. I was presented it and played it on stage with Jimmy Buffet. They gave me the solo on Cheeseburger In Paradise….I have avoided using it for years… It just doesn’t have the looks of my Strats and LP’s, but lately I started trying to utilize it. I needed an all-in-one axe. We play a lot of funk and R&B….I have to move around on a lot of covers. With the help of my Digitech GSP-1101 and the U2, I’m able to get a Strat, Tele, Les Paul sound all out of this guitar. At least enough to get by in a 3 minute symphony. It really does have a good sound and the wider neck is perfect for strumming on acoustic models, finger picking or just plucking the blues. I have a new-found fondness for this guitar. I will most likely keep it since my wife and daughter declare that I better never get rid of this one, primarily of how I came to own it. Others include Thinline Les Paul Custom Showcase Model, 54 Les Paul(with Lindy Fralin PAF’s(of questionable heritage), Daphne Blue Custom Classic Custom Shop Strat, White Blonde, Ash Strat, refitted with Lindy Blues Specials and my Roland GK2 pickup, a Mexi Wite Blonde, Ash body Esquire, great guitar for the money, a late 80’s Lucille 355. I want to take them all to the gigs, but it just isn’t practical…..So for now, I’m using the US2…..Enjoy yours…

13 01 2009

I meant to give you the link to my band’s website…


The guitar I’m using on all the demos is the pictured 54 Les Paul that was re-routed for Humbuckers and a stop tailpiece and tuneamatic bridge….Sorry for sharing so much….

13 01 2009

Thanks a lot, Earl. I tryied to check your space but the link doesn´t seem to work. I recorded a song with mine, but the mix isn’t too good, I need to take the session to my buddy who has a studio, sit down and mix it properly, I will share it with you soon. How about some pics of your U2?

29 10 2010

Hi again is there any chance you could email me the template so i can mount mine to a guitar in the future? any info would be good, as you know this trem is very different compared to others.

kind regards

29 10 2010

Sure thing, but there’s a catch. The nuts that are drilled into the body have some kind of teeth, like a cog, on the outside to make them fit in the holes of the plate, therefore, the holes have the same cog pattern. You’ll see what I’m trying to say. However, I don’t think is going to be a problem if you have all the parts before you start and plan ahead, I think it would be easy to customize. As I have to take it apart and I need to set it up very soon I think it’s gonna take a few days. What I can do is scan it in high resolution with a ruler on a side. Will that work? (Advice: make as many plates as you can and if you think they’re good, you might be able to sell them. I think there’s a couple of people out there trying to find one)

29 10 2010

Yeah thanks mate thats exactley what i want, whats your email so i can contact you personally, im unsure what you mean by the cog nuts holding the plate? can the just be regular self tapping screws if i make the plate to suit? etc maybe you could take some pictures, anyway let me no what your email is thanks so much for having this site, it was troubling me not knowing where this tremolo was born haha,

30 10 2010

The email you have posted here ——> does not work?

How do you fint the tremolo anyway is it good does it hold tuning well? thanks

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