When you google the U2, this is the first thing you get:


These are a bunch of websites where you’re supposed to get U2’s parts according to the guys in Personally, I didn’t find anything there excepting in stewmac, where I bought almost everything for my restoration.

Hi Antonio,

Thanks for the email. Unfortunately, we do not carry replacement parts for the U2 guitar, but I would recommend contacting one of the following parts dealers, as they may be able to help:

All Parts: 1-800-327-8942
Koz Axs Guitars 1-800-814-0432

Parts is Parts 1-800-590-0014

Stewart-McDonald (OH): 1-800-848-2273

Warmoth: 253-845-0403

WD: 941-337-7575

Also, I have attached information reguarding the U2 and wiring. Thanks again.

Best regards,
(Gibson Person)
Gibson Customer Service


The Gibson guys sent me this:

u2 brochure front coverGibson U2 brochure>> Gibson U2 wiring diagram <<>

Specs sent in a word doc:

U-2 Asymmetrical double cutaway body shape similar to Fender Strat. basswood body, contoured back, 2 single coil pickups and 1 HPAF humbucking pickup, Floyd Rose vibrato, 2 knobs, 3 mini-switches, 6 on a side tuners. Introduced 1987, renamed Mach-II 1990, discontinued 1991.


Mine has a Gotoh floating tremolo, “Licenced Under Floyd Rose Patents”. It is very rare, you don’t have to cut off the bearing balls from the strings, instead you put the strings from behind and they’re secured by a springed mechanism. I lost the tremolo arm a long time ago. I was tired of trying to find out which model is my bridge so I logged in ebay and found a tremolo bar very similar to the one I lost. When I got it, surprise! I fits like it was made for that bridge!! Here’s a pic of it.


I must upload detailed pics of my bridge, but right now I don’t have a camera!!! Sorry.


Here’s a nugget from our pal Maikel Meijer via e-mail on Sep. 12, 2007:

Hi Antonio,

your U2 is from ’98. You had the better singlecoil PU’s. They were developed by Bill Lawrence. He and Gibson got some troubles and Gibson couldn’t use the Bill Lawrence PU’s anymore. So they put in some cheap (japanese) stuff in my guitar.
Check this These are very sterile sounding. But I have sent my broke down PU to a compagny who specializes in rewiring PU´s. He rewired it and told me he didn´t liked the sound of that PU. So he did an experiment and rewired it on an other way but with the same specs as the original, same quality of copperwire and same Ohms etc. Now the PU sounds very very good. He will soon send me the specs of the copperwire etc. I can give you them and someone can wire PU´s for you. Or I can ask the compagny here if you like. Maybe he can produce the same ones for you.
The humbucker is a nice big fat one that was designed by Bill Lawrence. They probably had still enough from them around. It’s called `The Original HB-L`. They were also put in the Gibson ES-335. So do a search on Ebay, once in a while they offer this PU there. Them you have at least the original PU for your axe. I believe your guitar had also a white binding.

Well, enough written now, need to go to bed. I can give you more pictures of my guitar ofcourse, whatever you like. You want some of the inside of the electronic cavity from the guitar? Then you can see the wires and how the guitar have to be wired.



Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2007 15:00:23 -0400
Subject: Re: Gibson u2 docs

Mine serial is # 80917544, which tells me that was made on April 1st, 1987 and was the 44th U2 stamped with the serial that day in Nashvilee, TN. When it lived, it has the white binding on the edge of the side and a less visible in the front (I’m putting it again), was black with a large plastic golden Gibson logo (which I got on ebay a few days ago por $24). Today I’m taking the guitar to the luthier who’s gonna paint it, but since the original painting was removed and I’m never gonna sell it, I’ve decided to go with a slightly translucent black, put a zebra humbucker (perhaps a Dimarzio or a Seymour Duncan) and some minihumbuckers (of course, same sized as single coils). About the bridge, when I leave the guitar today, I’m taking it home and will take off the rust with a Dremel. Nevertheless, I’m watching constantly on ebay to see if I can find an original bridge to replace it, or at least some parts of it. Last night I won an auction on ebay for a tremolo bar, it’s an Ibanez 2LE2-1B. For what I saw it that might fit the bridge, and if it doesn’t I’ll just put it on sell again!

Information like the one you’re giving could be interesting for people who want to repair their U2s. From minor repairs to restoration from a total wreckage (like mine), I’m sure people would really aprecciate it, specially since there’s very little information about the U2.

I can’t wait to play and hear mine again, and also see the photo sequence of it being restored!

That’s it for now, talk to you later, buddy!!


Pics and a wiring diagram (1990 model) sent by our Amigo Maikel, thanks!!

Maikel’s U2 wiring diagram (1990 model) Maikel’s U2 Specs



13 responses

6 10 2007

Que fiiiino!!!!! Welcome new kid on the blog!!!

8 01 2010
terry reep

new to all this blog stuff,thought you might be interested.I`m currently restoring a 1989 u2.Got all the original hardware and electrics ,but no pick ups.Will post pics if anyone wants to have a look.

8 01 2010

Good!! Look forward to seeing that!!

4 02 2010

Hi, that looks beautiful man.
I would like to do the same with mine, ie the finish. It’s been stripped down and the bridge posts are missing, aswell as the input jack. Is there a plate under the bridge and humbucker that i might be missing aswell?
Any info would be helpful,

Thx, Hairy

4 02 2010

Hi there Hairy,

That’s a good thing what you’re about to do, as good as I wanna buy a bunch of guitar pieces on ebay and do it again. If I may say something about your project, if I was you I would paint it myself and take it later to a body shop, you know, cars and such, and then have it coated with the best finish they have. But if you can do it yourself with the proper equipment, go for it. Too bad the studs and the bridge base-plate is missing because they are really really hard to get, specially the plate. You can get the studs or posts in stewmac for like $10:,_tailpieces/Floyd_Rose_tremolos_and_parts/Studs_and_Bushings_for_Floyd_Rose_Locking_Tremolo.html
Maybe they’re not exactly the same, but I think those are pretty close to the real thing, at least to mine, which is has a Gotoh floating trem under Floyd Rose patents, I believe it’s very rare, but really good to my standards, like between a old school tremolo and a Floyd Rose. Later issues of the U2 came with I think they are Kahlers, floating trems too, as upgrading the model to something better but I couldn’t tell because I’ve never tried one and likes and dislikes are rather subjective. One thing I know is that I love my Gotoh, that’s for damn sure. If you have a Gotoh, good for you, but too bad at the same time because is more likely that you find Jimmy Hoffa alive before you find a replacement plate for you U2. Even the Gibson guys sent me to a bunch of sites that I already knew and checked for parts and they had nothing. If you can’t find it anywhere in this planet, you might need to have it done for you, but that might be difficult though. I could send you like a mold made out of mine, in plaster, I guess. But that might be difficult and expensive so I would try to find it somewhere before doing that. Take pics of your restoration, I’d love to see that. If you need more info, or anything, just drop a line here.

Have a good one!

5 02 2010

Hello again,
I’m pretty sure I have the Grotoh aswell, interesting type of Floyd Rose, has the flip tab over the saddle? Anywho I think I’ll be able to fabricate the plate since the previous owner left it on during the stripping process leaving me a kind of template in the finish. The plan is to refinish it myself, but I’m gonna make sure I have everything I need for it first. I was also wondering if you could explain to me, how you read the serial #?

Thx again,

6 02 2010

Yes it has the flip tab! Good thing you have the template, great you’re doing it yourself and good plan to check you have everything first, I wish I was more like that. I red about the serial identification on Gibson’s website below at the bottom.

From 1977 to present the serial pattern is red like this:
YY is the year
DDD is for the day of the year from 1 to 365.
and RRR is the designation factory and ranking. Prior to 1984 (since 1977) this RRR digits were counted from 1-499, and when the Kalamazoo factory was closed or relocated to Tennessee, they started from 500-999.

These guitars were made after 1984, so I bet your serial is in that rank. In my case, the serial is: 80917544
8 and 7 for the year
091 days that year count up to April the 1st, and
544, since it’s between 500-999 that says it was made in Nashville, TN and the 544 says it was the 44th stamped that day.

Here’s the link:

Well, man, I hope stewmac posts are good for your project, remember to take pictures and enjoy yourself! Keep in touch!


6 02 2010

BTW, I forgot to send you this:,_parts/Electric_guitar:_Covers_plates/Les_Paul_Style_Jack_Plate.html

This is the link to the jackplate, I bought the black metal one and it’s great.


7 02 2010

Hi my friend,
I guess, with that info, mine was the 702 made on the 280th day of `88 in Nashville. Thats good to know. I just wanted to say thx again and see if I could share a pic. I’m sure we’ll be talkin’ again, but for now, thx for everything and I hope this link werks;


30 06 2010

just bought a candy red u2 from ebay with badly checked paint and most of wich is falling off the guitar. some minor shrinkage on the neck and fret board. all the pups say made in usa pat pending engraved into the back. one hum 2 singles that appear to be stacked singles. it has a schaler made in germany vibrato with a locking nut on the neck also.
2 knobs one volume push pull one tone 4 switches. the body and neck are solid mahagony so much of the paint is missing im looking into refinishing it myself. i have done it before just never had to do a complete and total restrip. on the back of the headstock there is a small logo partly missing that reads something like showcase or showmaster edition ? anyhow a guy named josh at bedlam creations has supplied me with spot on replacement waterslides for the gibson name on the headstock size and color are on the money 40 bucks for 6 logos on a sheet not bad. i am now awaiting my nitrocellious from italy from a small violin shop then i will start the teardown. untilthen i am playing it daily nice instrument greatly underated.

30 06 2010

oh i paid 250 us for mine

29 10 2010

Well its taken me a long time to get here, i purchased a rare gotoh like this for really cheap $30 au dollars, in mint con minus one micro tuner, i have had a forum going trying to find out what they where of,

i will mount mine to some guitar one day soon, love the tremolo lookl like a really erll made unit, im guessing its a top mount, found on gibson wrc and gibson u2.

thanks least i know now

29 10 2010

That sounds like a hell of a plan. You can share your pics here, if you like you can send them to Cheers!!

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